About Steel for Sheet Metal Fabrication

Pervading industries from everyday consumer items to heavyweight manufacturing, steel remains an unrivaled choice. Its ubiquity isn’t a coincidence—it offers an unparalleled blend of affordability and performance. Steel’s mechanical properties are honed to perfection with its composition, including around 1% carbon and trace elements. Its adaptability extends further with an affinity for heat treatments, enhancing its innate strengths.


For sheet metal fabrication, steel’s virtues shine brightest. Its easy bending and welding capabilities, coupled with a vast palette of surface finishes, safeguard against corrosion and elevate its visual appeal. In essence, steel is the cornerstone, ensuring durability and beauty.


Steel Sheet Metal at a Glance

Application Steel sheet metal has a wide range of applications which can include enclosures for consumer products and mounting brackets.
Advantages Good mechanical properties, excellent formability, lower cost than some other steel alloys (eg. Stainless Steel)
Disadvantages Poor corrosion resistance
Minimum Lead Time 3 days
Standard Tolerances +/- 1.0 degree tolerances on bent features and a cutout accuracy of +/- 0.020 in (0.508 mm)
Sheet Thickness Maximum of 3/8 in (9.525mm) and a minimum of 0.0126 in (0.32 mm)

Steel 1018 (Mild Steel)

Steel 1018, commonly called mild steel, stands out as the cornerstone for steel fabrication components thanks to its exceptional formability. This unique grade of steel, while a favorite for many industries, does have its Achilles’ heel – a susceptibility to corrosion. Proactive measures are essential if the intended application means confronting the whims of nature or harsh corrosive settings. Additional surface treatments or coatings are paramount to ensure longevity and maintain integrity. While Steel 1018 showcases a blend of adaptability and ease of use, it calls for a touch of precaution to unlock its full potential.

Steel 1018 Properties

Tensile Strength, Yield (MPa)


Shear Modulus (GPa)


Elongation at Break (%)


Hardness (Brinell)


Density (g/cm^3)



Shengen provides an expansive portfolio of finishes tailored for steel sheet fabrication.

Nickel Coating: At Shengen, our precision technique uniformly nickel-coats carbon steel, enhancing both its wear and corrosion resilience. A consistent 0.1 mm nickel layer beautifully envelops the part, ensuring prolonged durability.

Zinc Immersion – Electroplated or Hot-Dip: Favored for its potency, our zinc finish confers formidable corrosion defense to carbon steel parts, fortifying them against nature’s elements.

Colorful Powder Shield: Beyond mere aesthetics, our vibrant range of powder coatings imparts a rugged surface. Given steel’s propensity to rust, our powder finish amplifies its longevity manifold, making every piece a testament to enduring quality.

Cost-saving Design Tips

Cost-saving Design Tips

Optimal Material Selection: Not all metals created for sheet metal fabrication are equally cost-effective and efficient. Prioritize understanding the specific requirements of your project. While some metals excel in certain conditions, they may falter in others. A comprehensive understanding of their reactions in diverse environments can be crucial. Consult with a Fabrication Pro for insights.

Adherence to DFM: Embracing the DFM (design-for-manufacturing) ethos is pivotal when sketching out designs for sheet metal parts. Familiarize yourself with essential design principles to harness the full potential of fabrication methods without inflating costs.

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