Sheet Metal Fabrication for Electronics Industry

Stepping into the realm of electronics demands perfection, and at Shengen, we make that a reality. As a distinguished manufacturer rooted deeply in the electronics arena, we leverage our unparalleled expertise to deliver sheet metal solutions that stand out.

How do we ensure our products stay ahead of the curve?

  • Superior Performance: Our metal components promise resilience against high impact, vibrations, and temperature extremes.
  • Quality Compliance: We adhere to top-tier standards, boasting UL, NEMA, ISO, and REACH certifications, among others.
  • Meticulous Fabrication: From laser cutting to welding, assembly, and varied finishes – our skilled engineers sculpt metal to perfection, giving life to intricate electronic parts.
Sheet Metal Fabrication for Electronics Industry

Metal Components Tailored for Electronics:

Embark on a journey with us to discover some of our crafted pieces:

  • PCB brackets and supports
  • Advanced electrical housings
  • Robotic machinery structures
  • Mainframes and chassis
  • Motor anchoring brackets
  • Protective plates and machine shields
  • Specialized enclosures: big or small
  • Elegant stainless steel casings
  • Circuitry protective shields
  • Detailed silk-screened panels
  • Copper and brass customizations

We craft every piece from high-quality metals – stainless steel, aluminum, galvanized steel, and more. With Shengen’s decade-long journey in the industry, our commitment is simple: Delivering high-precision electronic components that resonate with quality and value.


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