Architectural Metal Fabrication

Driven by a passionate team of over 100 experts and equipped with cutting-edge machinery, Shengen stands tall as a top-tier B2B sheet metal fabrication parts manufacturer. Nestled in the heart of China, our products boast flawless precision, catering primarily to the construction industry.

Harnessing the capabilities of three laser cutting machines and ten bending machines, we craft custom metal parts tailored to your specific needs. Why choose us?

Quality: Each piece undergoes stringent quality checks.
Efficiency: Speedy production without compromising on excellence.
Affordability: Competitive pricing that fits every budget.
Global Reach: Serving clients from the US to France, Australia, and beyond.

Whether you’re a procurement officer or distributor or belong to the vast realm of R&D, automotive, or aerospace industries, Shengen is your trusted partner. Dive into a world where quality meets precision. Reach out to Shengen today!

Architectural Metal Fabrication Series

Perforated Sun Shades

Perforated Sun Shades

Steeples, Finials, Crosses, & Accents

Steeples, Finials, Crosses, & Accents

Architectural Decorative Metal

Architectural Decorative Metal

Custom Architectural & Ornamental Metal

Custom Architectural & Ornamental Metal

Building Envelope Components & Assemblies

Building Envelope Components & Assemblies

Architectural Railing Systems

Architectural Railing Systems

Projects That Need Architectural Metal Fabrication

Architectural metal fabrication is critical for projects demanding a touch of metal finesse. The right metal element can uplift any design, whether grand hotel lobbies, modern office spaces, or chic home interiors.

With Shengen, dive into a world where metal meets magic. From bespoke staircases to intricate light fixtures, we ensure your vision becomes a reality—Trust Shengen for unparalleled craftsmanship.

Projects That Need Architectural Metal Fabrication
Projects That Need Architectural Metal Fabrication


Discover our architectural applications, vital for:

urban developments,
facade enhancements,
iconic resorts & entertainment hubs,
multi-tier car parks,
elegant driveway & pedestrian portals,
shade providers & UV blockers,
safe footpaths & overhead bridges,
entryway & overhead light protectors.

Advantages of Architectural Metal Fabrication

Unparalleled Durability – Architectural metal outlasts alternatives, ensuring longevity.
Ultimate Value – Benefit from cost-effective, high-volume applications.
Unyielding Strength – Metals boast superior stability for architectural endeavors.
Universal Appeal – Enjoy diverse materials, styles, and custom-tailored designs with metal fabrication.

Advantages of Architectural Metal Fabrication

Shengen Architectural Metal Fabrication

Stainless steel

Shengen's Expertise in Materials

Delve deep into Shengen’s state-of-the-art fabrication facility and discover our prowess in handling a vast array of materials, including:


The high-strength steel, gleaming stainless steel, & versatile pre-painted steel
Lightweight titanium & robust aluminum
Rich copper, ageless bronze, & lustrous brass
Naturally aging pre-patina copper
Durable galvanized metal
And other specialized metals tailored to your needs

powder coating paint

Impeccable Surface Finishes

Let Shengen’s craftsmanship shine on your architectural projects with our diverse range of finishes:

Elegant brushed finish
Pristine mirror finish
Smooth satin finish
Vibrant painted finish
Glossy enameled finish
Custom finishes to align with your vision

Waterjet Cutting

Shengen's Perforated Metal Mastery

Unlock architectural brilliance with our perforated metal sheets, a favorite among top architects and designers. They stand out for:


Enhanced ventilation and airflow
Dynamic screening solutions
Striking building façade designs
Innovative ceiling panel applications
Their blend of strength, beauty, adaptability, and ease of fabrication
Customizable hole patterns, shapes, and sizes using our advanced presses and punches

Surface treatment of laser cut aluminum

Unveiling Expanded Metal Designs

Introducing Shengen’s expanded metal range – a masterclass in architectural innovation. Attributes include:


A plethora of designs using various materials, from flattened to heavy grating or standard patterns
A unique ability to permit sound, light, and air seamlessly
Versatile styles: classic diamond-shaped openings, geometric square or hexagonal perforations, and more
Perfect for crafting sophisticated ceiling systems, side panels, and evocative wall panels

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