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Shengen crafts precision automotive components tailored for you. Using advanced machinery, we redefine industry standards.

Automotive Sheet Metal Fabrication Supplier

Drive with Precision: Your Automotive Sheet Metal Fabrication journey begins here. Dive into unparalleled craftsmanship as we shape metals into vital car components. Tailored to the automotive elite, we blend art with technique, using premium aluminum, steel, and brass to craft perfection.

At Shengen, every curve and cut aligns with your vision. With vast global experience, we’re not just suppliers but partners in your automotive success. Dive into Shengen excellence – where precision meets passion.

Connect with us and elevate your drive.

Automotive Sheet Metal Series

Exhaust Components

Exhaust Components

Dive into our exhaust components, crafted meticulously from sheet metals. Boasting optimal heat resistance, these parts ensure longevity and efficiency—a vital touch for a smooth ride.

Chassis Brackets

Chassis Brackets

Chassis brackets: the unsung heroes. They are foundational in vehicle support and alignment, formed from robust sheet metals. Their strength and precision uphold your vehicle’s integrity.

Dashboard Elements

Dashboard Elements

Elevate interiors with our dashboard elements. Fashioned from sheet metals, they guarantee aesthetic consistency, resilience, and adaptability. Marry form and function effortlessly.

Engine Guards

Engine Guards

Engine guards, made of durable sheet metals, protect your engine from road debris. Designed for resilience, they balance protection with thermal regulation, ensuring peak performance.

Fender Assemblies

Fender Assemblies

Fender assemblies: A blend of beauty and barrier. Crafted from malleable sheet metals, they guard against mud, pebbles, and more while enhancing your vehicle’s elegance.

Transmission Shells

Transmission Shells

Delve into our transmission shells, the silent sentinels. They encase and protect vital gears from fortified sheet metals, ensuring seamless drives and lasting durability.

Advantages of Automotive Sheet Metal

Lightweight Strength

Dive into agility with our sheet metal: offering strength without the weight and optimizing vehicle efficiency.

Eco-Friendly Edge

Champion sustainability with our automotive sheet metal. It's recyclable, reducing the carbon footprint one drive at a time.

Adaptable Designs

Mold to any model. Our sheet metal's adaptability caters to diverse automotive designs, ensuring a seamless fit.

Corrosion Combatant

Defend against decay. Our sheet metal stands strong with anti-corrosion properties, preserving your vehicle's longevity.

How Automotive Sheet Metal Fabrication Works?

Dive deep into art that powers the automotive world. From intricate auto parts to sturdy frames and sleek car bodies, it’s the heartbeat of modern vehicles—a journey through precise customizations, roll-bar crafting, timeless vintage rejuvenations, and meticulous restorations.

At Shengen, we breathe life into metal, aligning each piece with automotive aspirations. Be it a modern revamp or honoring classics, your automotive narrative finds its voice with us. Dive into Shengen’s expertise, where cars meet craftsmanship.

Sheet Metal Options

Sheet Metal Options

Unearth the Power of Sheet Metal: Navigate your automotive projects with the best. Stainless steel, aluminum, and mild steel aren’t just metals; they’re the heart of enduring car components.

From sleek dashboards to sturdy bulkheads, their flexibility, lightness, and resilience blend is unparalleled. Revel in their lustrous finishes, rust-resistant magic, and unmatched strength. Among these, aluminum stands out as the knight in shining armor, offering enduring charisma for repair and bespoke restorations. Dive into Shengen’s curated sheet metal portfolio – where quality meets craftsmanship.

Manufacturing Process

Delve into Shengen’s Masterful Manufacturing: We craft with precision, aligning every process to your product’s purpose. Whether gearing up for complex machinery or delicate devices, our approach remains meticulous:

Slicing Precision – Advanced tools carve your vision from metal sheets with unparalleled accuracy.
Shape & Shift – Crafted to perfection, our U-bends, V-bends, and bespoke folds seamlessly align with intricate project needs.
Bond of Brilliance – Metals meld and merge through riveting, welding, and the art of adhesive bonding, creating unified strength.
Finale Flourish – Post creation, each piece transforms, receiving the touch of silk screening, vibrant paint, and specialized surface treatments.

Why Choose Us

When precision meets passion in sheet metal fabrication, Shengen stands at the forefront. With a legacy grounded in years of expertise, we have carved our niche, especially in the automotive realm.

Every piece we shape, whether for restoration, repair, or replacement, resonates with your vision and exactness. Dive more profound, and you’ll find innovation at our core – we’re fortified with state-of-the-art machines, from laser cutters to benders.

Choosing Shengen isn’t just about service; it’s about partnering with a legacy that champions finesse and functionality. Embark on a journey with Shengen, where every curve and contour counts.

The Process Flow & Duration Estimation

Please note that the final cost depends on the customized service you require, the specifications of the raw materials used, the relevant national laws, and the distance of transportation. Take the example of booking a tall container of products:

Step 1: Drawing Design (within 1 day)

Designers use CAD to quickly as well as accurately modify designs to meet the desired specifications, ensuring that the final product meets the required specifications quickly and accurately.

Step 2: Product Proofing (1-2 days)

Product proofing is an essential part of the manufacturing process that can help businesses ensure the quality and consistency of their products while minimizing risks and costs associated with defects or errors in production.

Step 3: Bulk Manufacturing (1-3 days)

Once the specifications and quality of the product are confirmed to be in order, it is ready for mass production.

Step 4: Shipping (3-5 days)

Once the products arrive at their destination, you will receive an alert. You can plan how to collect your shipped goods.

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