Sheet Metal Fabrication for Appliance Parts

Boasting over a decade of expertise, Shengen has ascended as the premier choice for unparalleled sheet metal fabrication for appliance parts. Our pedigree lies in blending China’s manufacturing prowess with state-of-the-art equipment and a skilled workforce of 100 specialists.

Appliance Parts Excellence

Our seasoned team, backed by three laser cutting machines and ten bending devices, brings life to versatile sheet metal products:

  • Precision is our promise: Dive into a world of stainless steel, aluminum, carbon steel, and more, seamlessly crafted to perfection.
  • Standards Matter: At Shengen, we don’t just follow standards – we set them. Our unwavering commitment to quality control, accurate specifications, and tight tolerances sets us apart.
  • Custom Solutions: Whether you envision robust steel products for your kitchen, innovative housings for mixers, or specialized equipment for frozen treats, Shengen translates your vision into reality. 
Sheet Metal Fabrication for Appliance Parts

Here’s a glimpse of our offerings:

  • State-of-the-art oven housings
  • Sleek mixer and blender shells
  • Innovative frozen yogurt dispensers
  • High-quality commercial kitchenware
  • Tailored grill designs… and more!

Guided by your imagination, we’re more than equipped to design samples and prototypes that cater to diverse configurations. Over the years, Shengen has solidified its reputation, partnering with industry giants in the appliance sector.

Embark on a journey of impeccable quality with Shengen. Reach out today!

Sheet Metal Fabrication for Appliance Parts

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