Customsized Extruded Aluminum Enclosure

Discover the perfect Custom-Sized Extruded Aluminum Enclosure to safeguard your electronics while adding a touch of sleek professionalism. Unleash the potential of your project now!

What Is Custom Sized Extruded Aluminum Enclosure

A Custom-Sized Extruded Aluminum Enclosure refers to a specialized enclosure made from aluminum that is custom-designed and manufactured to fit specific project requirements. It is typically used to house and protect electronic components, circuit boards, or other sensitive equipment. Here are some of its advantages.

Extruded Aluminum Enclosure

Custom Sized Extruded Aluminum Enclosure specific to the EXT-9166 model

Please note that these specifications are specific to the EXT-9166 model and may vary for other models within the Extruded Aluminum Enclosure.

External Size H x W x D 1.23 x 5.12 x 3.94
Internal Size H x W x D 0.91 x 3.84 x 3.94
Weight 0.35 lbs
Color Black Powder Coat

The Process Flow & Duration Estimation

Please note that the final cost depends on the customized service you require, the specifications of the raw materials used, the relevant national laws, and the distance of transportation. Take the example of booking a tall container of products:

Step 1: Drawing Design (within 1 day)

Designers use CAD to quickly as well as accurately modify designs to meet the desired specifications, ensuring that the final product meets the required specifications quickly and accurately.

Step 2: Product Proofing (1-2 days)

Product proofing is an essential part of the manufacturing process that can help businesses ensure the quality and consistency of their products while minimizing risks and costs associated with defects or errors in production.

Step 3: Bulk Manufacturing (1-3 days)

Once the specifications and quality of the product are confirmed to be in order, it is ready for mass production.

Step 4: Shipping (3-5 days)

Once the products arrive at their destination, you will receive an alert. You can plan how to collect your shipped goods.

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The FAQs About Extruded Aluminum Enclosure

Yes, one of the key benefits of a Custom Sized Extruded Aluminum Enclosure is the ability to customize its dimensions to perfectly match your project's specifications.

Customization options include cutouts, holes, slots, surface finishes, colors, branding options, and additional features based on your project needs.

Yes, Extruded Aluminum Enclosures are known for their durability and can withstand various environmental conditions, making them suitable for outdoor applications.

Yes, aluminum enclosures offer inherent EMI shielding properties, protecting against external electromagnetic interference.

Aluminum's high thermal conductivity helps dissipate heat generated by the enclosed components, ensuring optimal performance and reliability.

Yes, you can select from various mounting options such as wall mount, panel mount, or DIN rail mounting based on your project requirements.

Custom Sized Extruded Aluminum Enclosures can be finished with options such as brushed, anodized, powder-coated, or painted finishes, and can be available in a range of colors.

Yes, we offer options to add branding, labels, or markings to the enclosure, allowing you to personalize it for your project.

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