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Meet Our Author: Kevin Lee

Hello, I’m Kevin Lee, the founder of shengenfab.com, your trusted partner in sheet metal fabrication. You can call me Kevin.

Kevin Lee

Rooted in Machines. Forged in Excellence

This isn’t just any business; it’s an unbroken tradition. From a young age, I watched the wonders of metal being shaped, cut, and bent, feeling the same awe and inspiration every time. The machines weren’t just tools; they were instruments of transformation. To me, they symbolized potential and progress.


Growing up amidst the rhythmic symphony of laser cutting machines and the artistic dance of bending machines, I learned the true meaning of craftsmanship. I realized that it wasn’t just about bending metal but shaping the future of industries.

A Journey Spanning Over a Decade

With over a decade in the sheet metal fabrication industry, I’ve witnessed its evolution and been fortunate enough to contribute to its growth. Throughout these years, I’ve been recognized with various accolades for my relentless pursuit of excellence and innovative solutions. These awards, while validating, are merely symbols. What truly drives me is the respect and trust of industry peers and valued clients like you.

Our Commitment to You

At Shengen, we aren’t just about producing parts but sculpting solutions. I understand the pain points of our clients because I’ve been there. Whether it’s the rigorous demand for high-quality products, the need for timely delivery, or the complexities of global supply chains, we’ve got you covered.


To our clients across the United States, Australia, Germany, France, and other corners of the globe, know that you aren’t just working with a manufacturer but a partner. A partner committed to quality, trust, and, most importantly, your success.

A Vision for Tomorrow

The metal pieces we shape are more than parts; they’re the backbone of industries – from automotive to aerospace. Every cut, bend, and weld we make is a step towards a better future, ensuring efficiency, durability, and precision.


Our goal is to continually push the boundaries, provide trustworthy solutions, innovate, and uphold the reputation that Shengen is known for.


We’re here to build more than just metal components; we’re here to create a legacy of trust, quality, and partnership.


Join us on this journey. Together, let’s shape the future.

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