Sheet Metal Fabrication for Hardware Industry

In the vast domain of the hardware industry, the versatility of sheet metal remains unparalleled. Such metals are the silent backbone of various industry applications, from robust beams and framing to intricate plumbing fixtures and conduits. Think roofing, trusses, enclosures, and even the fasteners that hold walls together – sheet metal is the hero behind them all.

Ultra-Precision Crafting

At Shengen, our state-of-the-art fabrication methods redefine precision. We mold, bend, and cut sheet metal to perfection. And once tailored to exact specifications, our experts weld them seamlessly, forging robust hardware components.

Unmatched Quality

As an established leader in the sector, Shengen is synonymous with quality. With a repertoire of metals like aluminum, iron, stainless steel, brass, and more, our ISO-certified manufacturing processes guarantee unmatched durability and finish.

Universal Solutions for Global Needs

Every project comes with unique challenges. But with Shengen by your side, consider them met. Tailored to global standards, our solutions stand tall in quality and reliability. Dive deep into a partnership where your needs aren’t just met – they’re exceeded. 


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